Customs declaration and certification of the goods

Our company provides services of transport logistics to the fullest extent. We not only arrange international road, rail, air, sea cargo transportation, but also work in the field of customs clearance, provide our customers including qualified legal assistance in declaring and certification of goods.

The competence of the «BNR Corporation» includes voluntary certification and declaration of conformity as well as certification for technical regulations and specifications development. In order to be able to provide our customers with the widest range of services and save applicants time the company «BNR Corporation» cooperates with accredited laboratory centers in China, Russia, Uzbekistan, South Korea and Kazakhstan.

Customs declaration and certification of imported and exported products is carried out in accordance with the customs legislation of those States, if you plan to ship the goods for export or import. We produce a procedure of declaration and certification, processing all the necessary documents for export or import of goods, relieving our clients from an independent passage of one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming procedures. Experts who deal with the customs declaration and certification of goods, carefully observe the deadlines for the required documents and make a careful calculation of customs duties, it is convenient and profitable for our customers. Making the declaration of goods and means of transport of our clients, we carefully monitor the observance of the legislation.